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GRAV - First look

February 16th at 10:56pm

I have recently started using the flat-file content management system GRAV and I will now share my thoughts about the experience so far.

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The first thing to know is that this very website is currently running the latest version of the content management system, CMS, to serve content. The hardware required to do so is minimal since it is currently being hosted by a single Raspberry PI.

The main feature with GRAV is that dynamic content is compiled into static files that are easily cachable on the server-side and are thus served really quickly. This makes each request really lightweight and easy to process for a surprisingly cheap and viable server such as the Raspberry PI.

I absolutely love the short response time - everything feels blazing fast with PHP 7. Furthermore, the CMS has a lot of available plugins to aid with some of the most frequently used features.

Everything is easy to manage since all posts are written in markdown, which is a minimalistic file format that you can really do a lot with!

When it comes to themes, GRAV falls a bit short as the number of available themes is still fairly low. What does surprise me here, however, is that all of the available themes are of excellent quality.

I will gladly continue to use the CMS, and I expect to write more about my experiences with it in the future.