Ludum Dare 46: Making a game in 48 hours

I recently participated in the 48 hour event Ludum Dare 46 with the goal of creating a computer game for the theme "Keep it alive".

During 48 hours, I created the game Comboboy, which is a turn-based puzzle game with some very simple rules. I made the game in GameMaker Studio 2 and its source code is available on GitHub.


Comboboy moves on a grid and the game follows four basic conditions that must always hold:

Comboboy must move using three waypoints on the grid. When moving between the first and second waypoint, a beam of energy travels in front of Comboboy, clearing any obstacles before him. When reaching the third, and final, waypoint, projectiles are shot in all four cardinal directions.

Screenshot with enemy

Enemies shoot projectiles on a timer with the progress being broadcast using exclaimation signs. This gives the player some visual queue as to when the enemy is dangerous.

There are also spikes to avoid and energy cells to collect. The game is available to play on

Screenshot of spawn


Category Ranking Score
Overall 265th 3.711 average from 21 ratings
Fun 239th 3.658 average from 21 ratings
Innovation 95th 3.974 average from 21 ratings
Theme 780th 3.342 average from 21 ratings
Graphics 339th 3.7 average from 22 ratings
Audio 77th 3.889 average from 20 ratings

Statistics for all submissions can be found on