Space Is Dark

A rather fast-paced game that sets you on a killing spree to survive. You are stranded on a ship inside an asteroid field. You have turrets that will protect you. There is, however, also an internal threat with attackers beaming in taking shot at you and your ship.

Your suit is losing power and you must scavenge batteries from the bodies of your slain foes. On death, you are presented with a glorious screenshot of your demise. This can easily be uploaded to your favorite social media for bragging rights.

Controls are WASD for movement (ENTER and SPACE in menus), and the mouse is for aiming. Shoot with left mouse button and heal ship systems with the right mouse button.

Your ship has consoles that will allow your turrets to fire. If they are taken out, so will you. You also have a basic life support module that will give you more power/health when approached. Furthermore, you have engines that will add to your score when operational. Finally, your ship has a generator that will disable everything if taken out. Failure to protect it will be punished.

Difficulty is your score and is calculated in a somewhat advanced way. Potential difficulty is given by distance traveled (ticking score) multiplied by a factor, but this is most often not the actual difficulty. True difficulty is given by the potential difficulty minus a fraction for each enemy alive, lowering it significantly and resulting in fewer spawns when you are in trouble. The maximum experienced difficulty is recorded for bragging convenience, but you should know that this can be no greater than 10.



Overall155th (3.795 average from 41 ratings)
Fun134th (3.692 average from 41 ratings)
Innovation345th (3.179 average from 41 ratings)
Theme322nd (3.641 average from 41 ratings)
Graphics318th (3.795 average from 41 ratings)
Audio195th (3.526 average from 40 ratings)
Humor310th (2.656 average from 34 ratings)
Mood287th (3.472 average from 38 ratings)