Some of my games

I'm a frequent game jam participant. I have listed some of my entries below.


Loopyman is all about planning ahead and making loops. Test your problem-solving ability and complete all ten levels in this puzzle game.

RCS Adrift(GMTK Jam 2019)

You are the commander of a spaceship. You engage the main engine. It cannot be stopped. You must perform a series of course corrections using nothing but 16 RCS control thrusters spread out over four quads.

My Little Corruption(LD40)

You are a wisp of corruption inside a fragile computer. Wreak havoc in a fast-paced bullet-hell like game. The further you get - and the more corrupted the system becomes - the harder everything will be!

Space Is Dark(LD39)

A rather fast-paced game that sets you on a killing spree to survive. You are stranded on a ship inside an asteroid field. You have turrets that will protect you. There is, however, also an internal threat with attackers beaming in taking shot at you and your ship.

Land in the Void(LD36)

The void is a mysterious place full of burning embers. You claim a small piece of land on the brink of ruin and nurture it in order to further your stay.