My Little Corruption

You are a wisp of corruption inside a fragile computer. Wreak havoc in a fast-paced bullet-hell like game. The further you get - and the more corrupted the system becomes - the harder everything will be!

Move with W/S or up and down arrow keys (configurable). Phase jump through obstacles with spacebar.

There are a few powerups - some are good for you, others are bad. You will have to figure that out for yourself though.

Warning: Contains flashing imagery.



Overall790th (3.2 average from 22 ratings)
Fun843rd (2.975 average from 22 ratings)
Innovation840th (2.868 average from 21 ratings)
Theme1052nd (2.65 average from 22 ratings)
Graphics796th (3.075 average from 22 ratings)
Audio429th (3.237 average from 21 ratings)
Humor936th (1.941 average from 19 ratings)
Mood967th (2.667 average from 20 ratings)